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Did you know we offer online self-service for claims?

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What does a car accident, a tree falling on your house and a toaster oven fire in your apartment all have in common? They are all unexpected losses and require an insurance claim. You don’t plan on getting into a car accident on your way to work. You don’t plan on the 100-year-old oak tree falling on your newly shingled roof. And, of course, you don’t plan to have your toaster oven malfunction the morning of your first day of college.  


These three instances are unexpected accidents that can happen to anyone, but if you have the right type of insurance, chances are your policy will cover these random life mishaps.  


Filing an insurance claim can add to your already growing headache of experiencing the unexpected, but it is necessary because it can help cover the damage that was caused by the accidents.  


The good news is that filing a claim is not hard, especially at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. Our company offers an online self-service claims service that  helps you file your claim quickly and begins the process of recovering from your loss faster than ever before.  



How can online self-service claims help you?  


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance began offering online self-service insurance claims handling options several years ago. But, we know filing a claim can still be a major disruption in your life, so we created a claims process that is quick and easy for our valued customers.  


The pandemic heightened the need for online self-service even more. Our company offered an online claims option prior to the pandemic, and we saw more and more clients use it during and after the pandemic due to the need for safety precautions.  


The pandemic necessitated that people learn to do the things they had been doing for years differently. During the pandemic, our claims representatives handled many claims by reviewing photos and making direct deposit claim payments digitally rather than in person. This sped up the process for our clients and also kept people safe during tough times.   


How long does the online self-service claims process take?  


While we never want to rush the insurance claims process, we know you want to put it behind you as fast as you can. That’s why we created the online self-service options in the first place.  


You can report your claim in your online account which is a quick and seamless process that many clients take advantage of daily. We have even reduced the amount of information clients need to enter while submitting a claim because we can get certain information directly from your online account.  


For example, if you have a glass claim on your vehicle, you can report your claim online, check to make sure the correct glass replacement is in stock and even schedule your appointment to get it repaired. For minor vehicle damage, a claims representative can send you a link to upload photos of the damage and submit them online. In most cases, we will send your estimate to you in less than a day and you won’t need to take your vehicle in for an inspection.  


For minor damage to your home, the claims representative can also send you a link to upload photos or video footage, describe the damage and even talk to the claims representative while doing it. Finally, we can send you a link for an insurance claim payment that will be directly deposited in your bank account. This means you won’t need to wait for a check or take a trip to the bank if you don’t want to. Instead, the insurance claim payment is in your account in minutes once your claim is settled.  


The great thing about Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is that our claims representatives are always available if you need assistance. Even with online self-service insurance claims options, we still offer in-person claim handling.  


A claims representative can come to your home or work to write an estimate for the damage to your vehicle and they can come to your home to assess the damage to your house.  


In addition, we offer digital options for an in-person home inspection. The claims representative may fly a drone over your home for a safer and more accurate view of the damage. These options may take a little longer, but we want to provide the thorough type of insurance claim service that you want and deserve. 


What if I have questions during my claims process?  


We know that not everyone wants to use online self-service options and not every insurance claim should be handled that way. Our claims representatives are available to help you through the insurance claims process. They are also available if your claim is larger than just minor damage. Our representatives understand that this can be an emotional time for you and your family, and they plan to be with you every step of the way, whether that is in-person or digitally.  


There are many people that are lucky enough to never have had to experience filing a claim. That means that if they were to experience loss, they may not know how to file a claim.  


We want to personalize your insurance claims experience to meet your needs. If you want to handle the claims process yourself and on your schedule, you can do that using our online self-service options. If you want help throughout the process, simply call your claims representative at 1-800-723-3276. If you want a combination of both, we can do that, too.  


That’s why our claims motto is, AFTER THE UNEXPECTED, EXPECT US®.