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Break down of the insurance quote process from an agent’s perspective

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My name is Cole Fesler, and I am an agent at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. My job as an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent is to help my clients ensure that they have the coverages in place that meet their needs. I want to take the time to walk you through the insurance quoting process and answer questions you may have regarding insurance quotes.  

What is an insurance quote? 


An insurance quote is a free review of your insurance needs in order to estimate premium for the coverage. We look over all aspects of someone’s insurance profiles including insurance scores, loss history and other factors. If this is your first time getting insurance, an insurance quote will help gauge what kind of policy or policies you need or want.  


Why do I need an insurance quote?  


An insurance quote provides a great opportunity to allow you to review current coverages with a professional insurance agent, as well as learn about discounts in order to accurately estimate your insurance premium.  An insurance quote allows you to preview the insurance coverages and premium before you buy. 


Auto insurance quotes allow agents to see what your current liability limits are and make sure you are aware of your deductibles in the case of an accident. Many people may be looking for the cheapest car insurance, but Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance also offers so much more than just competitive auto insurance rates, such as expert claims representative, industry leading customer service and one agent for all of your insurance needs.  


Home insurance policy reviews and quotes are now more important than ever with the recent inflation of building materials and labor costs. You may not have enough coverage for today’s market if something should happen to the structure of your home, also known as Coverage A. By taking advantage of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s free quoting, a potential client can also put their home through our free cost estimator. This tool allows us to help you ensure that your home is insured to value. 

What information will you need to provide for an insurance quote?  


The amount of information you will be asked to provide depends on the insurance product you are requesting to quote. Information needed for life insurance may vary from the information that is needed for homeowners or auto insurance. If you are requesting an auto insurance quote, for example, you will need the year, make model and other details to complete the quote. Another primary piece of information to get started will be your Indiana driver’s license. Regardless, the free quote process is easy and secure. We even offer insurance quoting online.  


Of course, we need your contact information and a few other items for your quote, including:  

  • Email address - We ask for an email address for a couple of reasons. When we finish reviewing your insurance quotes, we will send those quotes back to you so to review.   
  • Phone number - We also ask for your phone number because it’s the easiest way to review any of our free insurance quotes.   
  • Birth date - We ask for your birthday on all quotes including auto, home and life because it ensures we are getting the most accurate insurance quote for you. Auto insurance and home insurance rates are determined by a multitude of variables, but one of the most significant is your age. We offer a number of discounts and some of the discounts have a qualifying age range; we want to make sure our clients qualify for all they can.  
  • Type of insurance - Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers a diverse line of coverage options for auto, home, life, commercial, farm and crop and renters insurance. We can protect every single facet of your life. It all starts with talking to your local agent and taking advantage of our free insurance quotes.  
  • Custom needs - No insurance quote is the same as the next. Every client has unique needs, and we tailor to those needs. Our conversations are not the same with every client, because people value different things. If someone wants the best rates, we are going to comb through every discount we have. If someone wants the best coverage, we will sit down and talk through every limit and every risk. We want to hear from our clients about what is most important to them.  

How much does it cost to get an insurance quote? 


It’s free.  


An insurance quote with our company is 100% free. We don’t ask for anything in return for our advice. Our job as Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agents is to correctly advise you on all insurance risks, and you can take advantage of that without spending a single penny with our company. 


How long does it take to get an insurance quote? 


 It only takes us a few minutes to gather the information we need to get an insurance quote. If you want to hear the bottom line, we will get it back to you in minutes; if you want to sit down and discuss your whole portfolio, we are willing to do that, as well. 


What’s next? 


Once you have received your free insurance quote, it is completely up to you to determine the next steps. If you like the quote and want to proceed, we can set up everything virtually, or meet in the office to sign all necessary documents.  


Have more questions or need help? 


If you have any more questions or need help with your free insurance quote today, you can reach out to me personally or contact your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent today

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