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5 tips for conserving energy during summer

Man and woman with family eating dinner outside during the summer

As temperatures rise in the state of Indiana, so do air conditioning bills. After being outside in the Hoosier humidity and heat, one of the best feelings is going inside and immediately getting hit by A/C. But the more you blast your house with the cool air, the higher your bill will be at the end of the month this summer. So as summer heat waves begin to come through, remember these quick tips on ways in which you are able to conserve energy this summer and save money while doing so.  

Time for a good ole' family cookout...outside! 

One way to conserve energy during the summer is to try and stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. When you begin to use the oven and stove it naturally causes the room to get warmer, leading to you lowering your thermostat. So instead of cooking inside every night, try to alternate days when you cook inside and when you grill your meals outside. Make sure if you do grill you abide by these grilling tips!

Obviously, not everyone has access to a grill or knows how to grill, in that case try and make something fresh like different kinds of pasta and chicken salads or maybe try a pre-cooked meal from your local grocery store. Either way will keep your kitchen clean and cool and conserve energy in your home.  


Standing, box and ceiling fans can provide a lot more than just white noise.

Portable and ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool, while not lowering your thermostat. Airflow circulating your home during the day, evening and at night can help keep you and your family cool while also saving money on your A/C bill. Shop anywhere for fans and start saving today. 


Keep the sunshine out and your windows and doors closed.

Invest in sun blocking blinds and curtains for your windows in order to keep the sun away from the inside of your home. Make sure that sliding glass and screen doors are fully shut and windows are sealed. Having your windows and doors accidentally opened during the day is an easy way to lose valuable A/C and end up losing lots of money on your energy bill.  


Be smart when it comes to your thermostat. 

If you find yourself heating up in your home during the day, don’t freak out and turn your thermostat down 10 notches. Instead, see what temperature feels good to you gradually. Try to keep your thermostat above 72 degrees during the summer in order to optimize cooling energy. If you can, try 78 degrees during the summer and you may end up saving a lot of money throughout the season.  


Weather says cool and cloudy? Time to open your windows back up.

Time to open your windows back up. Keep an eye on your weekly forecast to see if there will be any days that may be cooler than others. If there is a day that the temperature drops, take this opportunity to turn your A/C off and open your windows for some natural air flow throughout your home. This is a great way to take advantage of Indiana’s irregular weather throughout the year and save money. Watching the weather can also help when deciding if you are able to have a cookout or not depending on rain.  

The state of Indiana is known for its fluctuation in weather temperatures. Acknowledging these tips for conserving energy during the summer can save you money, money that you could use to do something fun with family and friends. Take the time to read these tips and apply them to your daily lives, it can help your family, your home and yourself stay cool throughout the summer. 


 *The information in this article was compiled from a variety of sources and is intended to provide helpful tips only.