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Why should you prepare your estate?


Preparing your estate can be an efficient way to distribute your assets with minimal loss and delay. 

  • Avoid unnecessary reduction of your estate
  • Provide financial security for your heirs
  • Information provided at no additional cost through your Indiana Farm Bureau membership

Wealth Transfer Strategy


  • Have you accumulated sufficient assets to consider a family legacy?
  • Do you want to maintain control of assets during your lifetime?
  • Do you have a specific purpose for your legacy, such as college expenses for your grandchildren?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, a wealth transfer strategy may be for you.

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Business Continuation Planning


Take steps to make sure that your family is provided for and your business is protected when making the transition to the next generation. 

  • Make sure your business survives
  • Ensure your inheritance is distributed fairly to your family members

Long-Term Care Needs


You hope that you’ll never need extended or long-term care, but having coverage in place can: 

  • Preserve your independence
  • Provide options for health care challenges and costs
  • Protect your family’s assets and lifestyle


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