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Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Offers New Program to Benefit Clients


After years of development, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is proud to announce a pilot of the innovative “Smart Home Protection Program.”The program is designed to benefit homeowners insurance clients through the use of multi-function sensors and the company’s protective system discount opportunity.


This pilot program, which is being offered through a partnership with Peril Protect, LLC, a subsidiary of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, offers qualified clients a free Notion®5-Sensor Starter Kit(Notion System)that can easily be installed in their homes, allowing them to monitor for various tasks, such as opening doors and windows, sounding alarms, detecting water leaks, and temperature via the Notion®app. With this system, homeowners can receive notifications on their smartphones of potential issues in their home, giving them the opportunity to quickly address the problem before it spirals out of control.


“We designed this program with the client in mind,” said Isaiah Blackburn, program manager for Peril Protect. “Over the course of two years, we learned what clients wanted through detailed surveys and one-on-one video interviews. It became clear that insurance clients expect more from their carrier, without the carrier asking more of them. This innovative program allows us to help meet customer home monitoring needs by providing the Notion®System to them at no cost and putting the ability to stay connected to their home in their hands.We believe a connected home is a better protected home, so while Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is taking on the cost of the systems, in the long run, we think everyone will benefit.”


In addition to the equipment, participants in the program will have access to a variety of supporting services. This includes a robust monitoring app, customer service, connections to the Home Advisor platform via the app in the case of a water emergency, and the optional PRO service, which provides 24/7 professional monitoring for additional peace of mind.


 “As is the nature of pilot programs, the total number of available Notion®Systems is limited and it’s first-come, first-serve,”said Blackburn. “Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance implemented this pilot program with the hope that it will help. identify hazardous risks around the home and may reduce the severity of some claims by giving its clients the ability to be pro active in protecting their home.Based on this, the system is being offered to eligible clients with no strings attached.No hidden system costs or subscription fees.”


A New Look at Insurance



The Smart Home Protection Program is proving to be popular among homeowners insurance clients, with more than 500 having signed up already.


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is providing the Notion®System to eligible client sat no cost and not directing clients where to place the sensors or what risks to monitor.As Blackburn stated, “Clients know their homes and monitoring needs. In order to provide the most value, the starter is provided for free.The Notion®System is a tool for homeowners, so it was important to offer one that was versatile and adaptive, which clients will love.”


The Smart Home Protection Program not only provides the monitoring system, but also makes the client eligible for a discount of up to 15%.Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is cognizant of the impacts of the current economic environment and is happy to provide tools to help clients not only better protect their home, but also potentially save money while doing so.The program is truly a win-win for the client.


Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is hopeful that this pilot will prove successful and lead to wide-spread implementation beginning in 2023. The insurance industry is changing, and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is leading the way.


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