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Welcome to our
Smart Home Protection Program!

Effective, Easy, Free

Effective: With the Notion® System, you can get alerted when hazards are detected in your home. Sensors can monitor for: 

  • Opening and closing windows and doors

  • Sounding alarms

  • Water leaks

  • Temperature

Easy: Installation only takes about 15 minutes and then you’ll receive notifications on your IoS or Android smartphone. Watch how it works

Stay connected to your home, even when you’re gone!

FREE: Our new Smart Home Protection Program is ready for you. Claim your Notion® 5-Sensor Starter Kit (Notion System) at no cost today. Sign up today

Start your Smart Home journey

Sign up to the program

Just complete the form and we’ll have your system shipped to you within approximately 7 business days.

Monitor what matters

The Notion® 5-Sensor Starter Kit comes with 1 bridge and 5 sensors. Setting it up takes 15 minutes or less. Follow the in-app instructions for a quick and easy setup.

Enjoy a discount

You may be eligible for up to a 15% discount on your homeowners insurance premium upon installation.

Expect More From Your Sensors

Notion® Sensors are capable of alerting you to an array of potential issues in your home. These multi-functional sensors give you the ability to monitor the things that matter most to you. 

Plus, they’re flexible. Change your mind about the sensor location or what task you want to monitor? The sensors can be moved and updated whenever you wish. 

From water leaks to an open entry door to sudden room temperature changes to smoke or CO2 alarms sounding - you’re able monitor different parts of your home, all through your smartphone.




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Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips. Wherever You Are


Not sure where to start with your sensors? This guides you on essential areas:


Peace of mind with your smartphone


When potential issues arise, Notion sends you alerts via your smartphone to help you know about potential perils in your home before they become big headaches. 


Stay connected to your home no matter where you are.

Peace of mind with your smartphone

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Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?

Yes, Through Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance's partnership and as a Peril Protect customer, we are able to extend this program without any additional costs to you. As proof, no subscription fees and no credit card is required when you sign up to request for your new sensors.


How soon do I get my  sensors?

After you sign up, you'll receive your 5-Sensor Starter Kit within 7 business days.


What's inside the new sensor kit?

Each kit includes a bridge and 5 sensors that provide monitoring for water leaks, opening doors and windows, temperature changes, and sounding alarms. Setup is easy and can be completed in about 10 minutes.


Does it need WiFi?

Yes it does. The system that connects to your WiFi to feed information from the 5 sensors into your app. From the app, you're able to receive status notifications from each sensor, helping you to prevent a hazard at home from becoming a full-blown accident.