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Smarten up your home with a Notion© System.


Monitor what matters most with a Notion© 5-Sensor Starter Kit on us. We even cover shipping.


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What can be monitored?

  • Open doors and windows
  • Sounding alarms
  • Water leak alerts
  • Temperature
  • Mold risk

Why choose the Notion system?

🛡 Multifunctional Sensors

Install Notion’s multifunctional sensors anywhere in the home to monitor for multiple risks. This flexible approach to home safety and security is unique to Notion.

🌎 Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

Notion Sensors connect to your mobile app, enabling you to keep track of what’s happening in your home at all times.

$$ No Subscription Required

Save money. There is no subscription fee required for self-monitoring your Notion System. Plus, you may be eligible for an additional homeowners insurance premium discount upon installation of your system.*

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* Limitations and restrictions apply. Protective Devices Discount is up to 10% premium discount for self-monitoring with smart home devices, such as Notion System. In addition, up to 5% premium discount for Notion PRO subscribers. See FAQ for more details.

Installation couldn't be easier!

Open the box and you’ll be monitoring your home in about 15 minutes.

Download the app

Download the Notion App from the App Store.

Plug in the bridge

Plug the bridge into an outlet and follow the prompts to connect to Wi-Fi.

Place the sensor (water heater)

Place the sensors throughout your home to monitor for the tasks you choose.

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Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips. Wherever You Are

Peace of mind with your smartphone


When potential issues arise, Notion sends you alerts via your smartphone to help you know about potential perils in your home before they become big headaches. 


Stay connected to your home no matter where you are.

Peace of mind with your smartphone



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What you can monitor with your Notion© System

Water Leaks


Knowing when a leak breaks out can mean the difference between a mop and a basement remodel.  Water is the biggest threat to a home, even compared to fire and theft!

  • Toilets, Bathtubs
  • Dishwasher, Washing Machine
  • Water Heaters, AC Units
  • Sinks
  • Leaky Pipes
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Open Doors


Know when people (or pets!) are coming, going, getting into things they shouldn't, or even delivering your mail!

  • Front/Back Door
  • Garage Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Safe
  • Mailbox

Sounding Alarms


What good is an alarm if you're not home to hear it going off? Our sensors are intended to listen for only UL-listed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Simply place a Notion Sensor near your UL-listed smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and receive a notification when the alarm sounds.

  • Smoke
  • Carbon Monoxide
Sensor by smoke detector
Sensor on wall in bedroom

Temperature Changes


With a single thermostat, it's impossible to know the temperature in other rooms. Place sensors throughout your home to keep your family, pets, and possessions comfortable.

  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Music Rooms

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Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?

Yes, there is no cost to eligible homeowners clients. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is paying for the Notion® System and shipping. There is no subscription fee for self-monitoring.

Note: An active homeowners policy is required to participate.


How soon do I get my sensors?

Once you receive notification that it's time to order, and you submit the sign up form, you'll receive your 5-Sensor Starter Kit in approximately 7 business days.

Note: Discrepancies in submitted sign-up form information and current policy information may cause fulfillment delays.


What's inside the new sensor kit?

Each kit includes a bridge and 5 sensors that provide monitoring for water leaks, opening doors and windows, temperature changes, and sounding alarms. Setup is easy and can be completed in about 10 minutes.


Does it need WiFi?

Yes it does. The system that connects to your WiFi to feed information from the 5 sensors into your app. From the app, you're able to receive status notifications from each sensor, helping you to prevent a hazard at home from becoming a full-blown accident.


Can I sign-up for multiple kits?

No, this program is limited to one Notion 5-Sensor Starter Kit per household.


What if I receive my system, but don’t install it?

We understand circumstances change. If you do not install the system within 90 days of receipt, we request that it be returned, so we can make it available for other eligible clients. Returning unused systems is easy, simply drop it off at your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance office or contact us and we’ll provide a return shipping label.

Is a subscription required?

No subscription fees required to join our Smart Home Protection Program and self-monitor your home with your Notion System.

Note: If you upgrade to professional monitoring with Notion PRO for $10/month (taxes and fees included), you may be eligible for an additional discount on your homeowners insurance premium.


Here are some examples of discount eligibility:


  • You have 0% protective system discount at the time of joining our program. You may be eligible for up to a 10% homeowners insurance premium discount upon installation of the Notion System.


  • You have a 5% protective system discount at the time of joining our program. You may be eligible for an additional 5% homeowners insurance premium discount upon installation of the system.


  • You already have a 10% protective system discount at the time of joining our program. No additional premium discount is applied to your homeowner insurance policy.


  • You already have a 10% protective system discount at the time of joining our program. Upon installation of the system, you subscribe to Notion PRO. You may be eligible for an additional 5% homeowners insurance premium discount when you activate Notion PRO.

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