Travel Tips
Whether you are making plans to fly somewhere tropical for spring break or taking a local road trip, it is important to be prepared and safe when traveling. Check out the following tips to help get the most out of your next trip.
  • Plan ahead. A well-planned vacation can save headaches and missed opportunities. Map out each day of your vacation and decide if you want to spend it relaxing, visiting local sights or shopping.
  • Prepare a budget. It's easy to overspend while on vacation so establish a budget ahead of time. Often, you can save money by purchasing advance tickets for attractions you plan to visit. Research restaurants you are interested in trying to make sure they fit in your budget.
  • Pack smart. Don't wait until the last minute to pack. Check the weather of your destination and plan your wardrobe in advance. A week before your trip, make a list of any items you still need to purchase to eliminate last minute shopping sprees.
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