To purchase vehicle, home, farm or business insurance offered by Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, it's necessary to become a member of Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.

So, what does being a member mean for you? Well, for starters, Farm Bureau members save over $2 million each year by using the discounts and services available to them as a benefit of membership. This includes savings on everything from prescription drugs and vision care to things like computers and other new technologies—just to name a few.

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Members Health Insurance Company (MHI) prides itself on understanding what matters to you. For example, as someone who is about to turn 65 or already has Medicare coverage, you want to save money. And MHI has the expertise to help you do that.

MHI is a subsidiary company of TRH Health Plans, which has been selling health insurance plans for 65 years and Medicare Supplement insurance plans since their beginning.

Members Health Insurance Company

Indiana Farm Bureau members receive $2,000 worth of coverage, at no additional cost.

This simply means that a $2,000 death benefit will be paid in a lump sum to the surviving spouse or, in situations where there is no surviving spouse, to the estate of the individual in whose name the membership is listed. The member's spouse and/or family members are not covered by this insurance. Corporate members are also not covered. This benefit will be paid if death is a result of bodily injury due to an accident and occurs within 90 days of the accident.

The deceased member must have a current paid membership with Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. Some limitations, exclusions, and qualifications apply.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, topping the Federal Trade Commission's list of consumer complaints for seven consecutive years. Often a single fraudulent activity on one of your accounts is just the tip of the iceberg. Identity thieves act fast, and recovering from the damages they cause can be a long process. Fortunately, Indiana Farm Bureau now provides all of our paying members with free Identity Fraud Resolution Service powered by Identity Theft 911.

Expert help is just a phone call away:

Whether you have a full-blown crisis or simply need to take preventative measures regarding a lost or stolen wallet, expert help is just a phone call away. From the first moment you call, a highly experienced fraud resolution specialist becomes your personal advocate, guiding you through the resolution process, step-by-step, until your good name is restored. What's more, you can also count on the same one-on-one assistance in the case of lost or destroyed documentation.

If you suspect your identity has been compromised, call Indiana Farm Bureau at 1-800-723-3276 to be referred to a specialist from Identity Theft 911.

For general information regarding Identity Theft 911, call 1-800-777-8252 to request the service's brochure or, click here to learn more.



Did you know that as an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance policyholder you're part of a much larger network? Welcome to the Indiana Farm Bureau, where your annual family membership provides everyone in the household (children to age 25) access to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance products and services, as well as savings and discounts on purchases, travel, hotels, vehicle rentals, airport parking, theme parks, tickets to attractions and events, and more.