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A 5-minute set up that helps save memories, money and time

Woman trying to fix a water leak under her kitchen faucet

Peril Protect is a new system that merges in-home water leak monitoring devices, 24/7 call center support and contractor dispatch. The monitoring devices are easy to install and are designed to help homeowners protect their home from water damage while being minimally invasive. The sensors can detect the smallest water leaks and immediately notify the homeowner via text and email alerts to the exact location of the leak.  


The call center is also notified of the alert and will reach out to verify the homeowner is aware of the leak. They will help determine if the homeowner is able to address the leak or if additional assistance is needed. If requested, a local repair contractor can be dispatched to begin the mitigation process.  


How can Peril Protect protect my home?  


Insurance industry data shows that the average water damage claim exceeds $10,000 in damage.1 These numbers are bound to rise as COVID-related shutdowns and restrictions have led to massive increases in construction material prices, as well as reduced availability.2 Not only have prices increased, so has the time to complete repairs. The impact of water damage is more than financial, it is also time consuming and can be stressful living in a construction zone.  


When a water leak occurs, time is a critical factor in the amount of damage that occurs. The sooner a customer knows about a water leak and can address it, the greater the likelihood the total damage is reduced. In some instances, leaks which are caught very quickly may result in nothing more than a quick clean-up with towels or a shop-vac.  


The Peril Protect system can help customers eliminate or greatly reduce the damage resulting from a water leak by providing instant alerts when a leak is detected. The in-home hub and sensor system are tools a homeowner needs to proactively defend against water leak damage. When combined with 24/7 call center support and contractor dispatch, Peril Protect is the complete solution to protecting your home against water damage.  


What is unique about the Peril Protect service?  


There are many water monitoring devices on the market, but Peril Protect is one of the only systems that combines in-home monitoring devices with 24/7 call center support and the ability to dispatch a local contractor, if needed. While other systems may alert you to a leak, the question often asked is, what now? Most other systems do not provide the homeowner the tools and support needed to address the water leak and de-escalate the situation and potential damage like Peril Protect does.  


In addition to a complete system, you can install Peril Protect immediately and easily with our five-minute installation process. The hub and sensors arrive pre-provisioned and pre-labeled for placement, so there’s no guesswork or complicated setup needed. Simply flip the on switch, place the sensors and go about your daily life. And, because the system connects to the cellular data network instead of Wi-Fi, we’ve eliminated the hassle of connecting to your home network. Flip it. Set it. Forget it. Protected. 


Is Peril Protect an endorsement I can purchase on my homeowners insurance policy?


Peril Protect is not insurance or an insurance product. While homeowners insurance can provide coverage in the event of a covered water loss, that coverage protects you after the loss has already occurred.

Peril Protect’s goal is to prevent a loss from occurring by providing the tools necessary to be proactive in protecting your home against water damage. Having coverage for water damage is great but reducing the chance that it must be used because a disruptive loss has occurred is even better. Stay a step ahead with Peril Protect.  


Want more information on Peril Protect?  


Peril Protect is not only a water sensing system but is peace of mind for you and your precious belongings in your home. Consider purchasing Peril Protect now or check out their website for more information!  


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