Homeowners Insurance

Our home insurance can cover damage to your house and other structures, as well as their contents and your personal property. We can protect you for additional living expenses, as well as personal liability claims against you or other members of your household.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance can also shield you against specific types of home-related incidents (like fire, theft or vandalism), while providing for the additional living costs (like staying in a hotel) that might result from a covered loss.

Live in a condominium? We'd be happy to talk to you about our condo insurance. And if you have a mobile home, we have mobile home insurance, customized for you.

Don't own a home? Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance can still help you protect personal belongings with renters insurance (sometimes known as rental home insurance).

And if you just moved here, we'll help you understand how Indiana Home Insurance (and Indiana Renters Insurance) is different from those found in other states.

Bottom line: no matter where you hang your hat, talking to our nearest agent can help you find the best coverage, at the lowest possible price.


If you'd like to make affordable home insurance even more affordable, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers many discounts (including New Home, Protective System and Multi-Line discounts) that can lower home owners insurance costs significantly. To learn more, ask any agent.


Our Home and Farm Property Inventory can help you replace valuable possessions in case of loss. We suggest you download the form below, complete it - and then store it in a secure place, such as a safety deposit box.

Record serial numbers of all valuable possessions, and keep them in a safe place with other, smaller valuables. Consider engraving especially valuable property with an identifying code or number that only you know.

Make sure your property is equipped with fire extinguishers, locks, fencing, adequate lighting and safety systems. And if you're going to be away for an extended time, notify the local authorities.

Learn more about protecting a home or farm in Indiana with this downloadable brochure.

Printable Home and Farm Property Inventory

For more brochures, see our Home Insurance subcategories.

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