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Farm Insurance

We're the number one writer of farm insurance in Indiana. And there are several good reasons for that. Our broad coverage, low rates and exceptional customer service (we have offices in all 92 counties) give you affordable, accessible protection that you can depend on.

Our farm insurance policies offer many coverage options. For help finding the protection that's perfect for you, read about our Rural Guardian policy, then get in touch with your nearest agent.

New Endorsements

Our Custom Crop Spraying coverage is available as an addition to your farm policy, offering coverage to farmers who have a side business providing "for hire" custom spraying services to their neighbors.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects you against costly repairs, at a price nearly any farm owner can afford.

Read our Farm Equipment Breakdown Brochure, then talk to your local agent to learn more about these new options.


Our already-affordable rates get even lower when you take advantage of our various discounts. If we write your Personal or Farm Umbrella Liability Policy, you'll save 5% on your Auto policy premium. And if you're eligible for our New Home, Protective System or Multi-Line Discounts, you could save even more.

Click here for a list of our discounts, then ask your local agent how you can qualify.


How do you protect your policy against loss? Well, we suggest you start by completing our Home and Farm Property Inventory (downloadable below) and store it in a secure place, like a safety-deposit box.

Record serial numbers of all valuable possessions, and keep them in a safe place with other, smaller valuables. Consider engraving your property with an identifying code or number that only you will know.

Make sure your property is equipped with fire extinguishers, locks, fencing and other adequate lighting and safety systems. And if you're going to be away for an extended time, notify your local authorities.

Learn more about how you can protect your home with this downloadable brochure.

Printable Home and Farm Property Inventory

For more brochures, see our Farm Insurance subcategories.

Crop Insurance

When it comes to weather, you hope for the best and plan for the worst. Part of that planning means protecting yourself against natural disasters, by purchasing Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (also known as MPCI, or Federal Crop Insurance) or Crop Hail Insurance.

Access to crop insurance resources and policies is provided by American Farm Bureau Insurance Services, Inc. (AFBIS), a service provider for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.


For downloadable brochures offering additional details on protecting your crops, see our Crop Insurance subcategories.

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